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Getting a New Look for an Old Site. Put Another Way, I’m Customizing.

Hello all. I’m trying out some new ideas and new skins for my site so that it will be easier for me to post roller ski and training clips. Let’s see how it goes. First, I had a really great cross country ski season… Continue Reading “Getting a New Look for an Old Site. Put Another Way, I’m Customizing.”

Canmore World Cup: Maurice Manificat and Rolland Clara

Wanted to post a link to the Canmore World Cup Nordic Ski Race. And now in 2018 I am doing it! Maurice Manificat and Rolland Clara really put the hurts on the field in the last 2 kms. Brilliant. Peace and ski grease!

More Cheaters Cheating in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall

Folks, we are not done with this cheating thing: I’m not sure that there will ever be an end-point to finding film scenes in which authors and artists are brought in as the One and Only True Source of Information to Decode the Mysteries… Continue Reading “More Cheaters Cheating in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall”

Who is the Cheater in this Scene from Rodney Dangerfield’s Back to School?

Here is a short clip from Back to School (1986), starring Rodney Dangerfield: A friend of mine said that there are several ways to read the cheat here. Here are a few that we came up with: 1. Rodney cheated because he paid someone… Continue Reading “Who is the Cheater in this Scene from Rodney Dangerfield’s Back to School?”

My New Book Is Finally Out!

Long time no write, huh, Scraps? Well, I’ve been a smidge busy. Besides falling off my bike, recovering from that, taking up running after a 29 year hiatus, learning how to be a Brooklynite, playing with my kids, and teaching, I’ve also been hard… Continue Reading “My New Book Is Finally Out!”

Hey, That Wet Diaper on My Shoulder Was Wet with Filtered Water, Not Pee-Pee!

For that close friend (spouse?) who became unnecessarily anxious that the public might think strange thoughts about my frozen-wet-diaper-treatment, I want to go on-record and say that I used filtered Brooklyn water to wet the princess diaper. It was a name-brand filter, by the… Continue Reading “Hey, That Wet Diaper on My Shoulder Was Wet with Filtered Water, Not Pee-Pee!”

What Happened to My Blog? Well, for Starters, I Crashed!

Well folks, It looks like I will be taking up a new sport. Why? Because I crashed. I hit the pavement. I wadded it up. I bit the dust. I wrecked. I took a nose dive. I crumpled the paper. I wiped out. I… Continue Reading “What Happened to My Blog? Well, for Starters, I Crashed!”

Where I’m From: The Danger of Writing

Public art has been around for a long time. Public art is sometimes commissioned, sometimes it is not. Graffiti is used to transmit political, personal, and artistic statements with or without permission of the property owner. Graffiti is powerful because it is unsanctioned, but… Continue Reading “Where I’m From: The Danger of Writing”

Serious Bike Poetry for Bikers (and nonbikers)

Not Forgotten by Sheila Packa I learned to ride the two wheel bicycle with my father. He oiled the chain clothes-pinned playing cards to the spokes, put on the basket to carry my lunch. By his side, I learned balance and took on speed… Continue Reading “Serious Bike Poetry for Bikers (and nonbikers)”


In Iowa City I could lock my bike with this chain: Or, with these chains: But in Brooklyn, I was told that I had better get something along these lines: Wait. I am getting ahead of myself. Where have I been? Why am I… Continue Reading “LONG BREAK EXPLAINED”