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Is It Possible to Tell a Life Story Using Twitter?

                                                              = I would like to begin by saying that I am an English teacher, and so I am by nature curious about what people write and the difference… Continue Reading “Is It Possible to Tell a Life Story Using Twitter?”

Prospect Park (Found) Poetry (Possibly) about Biking and Racing

The pomp of colors though dank now Soon aching greens sprout Muscles upward and out- [A map of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York]   Nor the Slope Nor the falling temperatures dint my course Allow me to intimate my plan for the season of… Continue Reading “Prospect Park (Found) Poetry (Possibly) about Biking and Racing”


In Iowa City I could lock my bike with this chain: Or, with these chains: But in Brooklyn, I was told that I had better get something along these lines: Wait. I am getting ahead of myself. Where have I been? Why am I… Continue Reading “LONG BREAK EXPLAINED”

FEELING LITERARY: William Gibson and the future of bikes

FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE, I give you a glimpse into the future of bikes and messengering: “Sometimes, when she rode hard, when she could really proj, Chevette got free of everything: the city, her body, even time. That was the messenger’s high, she knew,… Continue Reading “FEELING LITERARY: William Gibson and the future of bikes”


Part 2 of my Gateway Cup Bike Race review.

Beware Apple, Microsoft, The Atlantic, Google, PMLA and Others!

Why should these corporations/publications watch their step(s)? Because I am starting a company. And this company is associated with both publishing and technology…somewhat. Here’s a mock-up of my business card: Word!   What is NANO? NANO stands for New American Notes Online. And the… Continue Reading “Beware Apple, Microsoft, The Atlantic, Google, PMLA and Others!”

Finally, Some Theory!

The word on the street is that my blog is turning into a biking blog. Time to mix it up. Time to put some “Street Theory” back into this Street Theorist’s m.o.       This story begins with trash. I love my little… Continue Reading “Finally, Some Theory!”

Gaston, Shakespeare, and Something Interesting to Ponder

        A friend told me an interesting story that might satisfy readers until I post my theory of slowness.   My friend was standing in the hallway of his university building waiting for his class to finish filling out their end-of-semester… Continue Reading “Gaston, Shakespeare, and Something Interesting to Ponder”

Part IV: The Final Sprint of Sean’s 2009 American Birkebeiner

[note: to read parts 1-3, go to Archives and click on April 2009]   I am not perfect. And I am not dead. I am still skiing.   A sweeping left hand bend and I can finally see the lake. And Lake Hayward is… Continue Reading “Part IV: The Final Sprint of Sean’s 2009 American Birkebeiner”

Birkie Fever Part II: Or, Why Am I Still Alive?

        The Birkebeiner is the largest cross country ski race in the U.S., and one of the largest races in the world. Over 7,000 skiers from all over the world converge in northwest Wisconsin for a 50 kilometer race (Actually there… Continue Reading “Birkie Fever Part II: Or, Why Am I Still Alive?”