Beware Apple, Microsoft, The Atlantic, Google, PMLA and Others!

Why should these corporations/publications watch their step(s)? Because I am starting a company. And this company is associated with both publishing and technology…somewhat. Here’s a mock-up of my business card:

Photo 24



What is NANO? NANO stands for New American Notes Online. And the aim is to create a new type of journal of American criticism that is shorter, faster, and (most importantly) different. NANO will be the only academic journal (that I know of) that comes out monthy and has letters to the editor and has a twitter feed —which is currently up and running: The name NANO indicates small size and brief duration. What I like about the word nano is that it also connotes new technology that may change the shape of daily living. And NANO will, likewise, change the shape of American criticism. 

More later.


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