Month: July 2009

Beware Apple, Microsoft, The Atlantic, Google, PMLA and Others!

Why should these corporations/publications watch their step(s)? Because I am starting a company. And this company is associated with both publishing and technology…somewhat. Here’s a mock-up of my business card: Word!   What is NANO? NANO stands for New American Notes Online. And the… Continue Reading “Beware Apple, Microsoft, The Atlantic, Google, PMLA and Others!”

Prepping For Travel

Seven Notes from the Street Theorist: 1. Do not use the word “freak” or “speed freak” when blogging because you will get spammed out the waazoo by nefarious entities. See previous post for my use of these two terms that I should not have… Continue Reading “Prepping For Travel”

Speed-Freak Scanlan Rides Again

I like what this Scanlan guy has to say, so read on and check’m out:             Preparing legs and liver for RAGBRAI with Tour de Brew biking and beer BY ERIC ANDERSEN | JULY 09, 2009 7:21 AM And perhaps… Continue Reading “Speed-Freak Scanlan Rides Again”

Finally, Some Theory!

The word on the street is that my blog is turning into a biking blog. Time to mix it up. Time to put some “Street Theory” back into this Street Theorist’s m.o.       This story begins with trash. I love my little… Continue Reading “Finally, Some Theory!”

NOW WITH VIDEO: Race Report: Iowa Criterium Championships in Cedar Rapids

What could be better than a bike race on a beautiful summer day in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa? That’s right: Nothing! The course is a rectangle that crosses the Cedar River four times. How is that possible? Because the river splits around Mays Island,… Continue Reading “NOW WITH VIDEO: Race Report: Iowa Criterium Championships in Cedar Rapids”

5th of July IOWA Criterium Championships Report

I want to keep everybody on their toes for my race report which is due to hit the streets by 2 pm on July 6. That’s Monday, tomorrow. See you then.    Peace, Scraps

Star Trek: Confusion Meets Fun

Star Trek Questions