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Is It Possible to Tell a Life Story Using Twitter?

                                                              = I would like to begin by saying that I am an English teacher, and so I am by nature curious about what people write and the difference… Continue Reading “Is It Possible to Tell a Life Story Using Twitter?”

Canmore World Cup: Maurice Manificat and Rolland Clara

Wanted to post a link to the Canmore World Cup Nordic Ski Race. And now in 2018 I am doing it! Maurice Manificat and Rolland Clara really put the hurts on the field in the last 2 kms. Brilliant. Peace and ski grease!

Prospect Park (Found) Poetry (Possibly) about Biking and Racing

The pomp of colors though dank now Soon aching greens sprout Muscles upward and out- [A map of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York]   Nor the Slope Nor the falling temperatures dint my course Allow me to intimate my plan for the season of… Continue Reading “Prospect Park (Found) Poetry (Possibly) about Biking and Racing”


Prospect Park State of Mind Can you believe all the things that there are to do here, in this city, the largest city in the US. How big? Over 8,000,000. The next largest city? LA: 3,500,000. So, it follows that several biking events are… Continue Reading “PROSPECT PARK BIKE RACE”


In Iowa City I could lock my bike with this chain: Or, with these chains: But in Brooklyn, I was told that I had better get something along these lines: Wait. I am getting ahead of myself. Where have I been? Why am I… Continue Reading “LONG BREAK EXPLAINED”

The Bicycle: Crime Destroyer or Freedom Machine?

From this angle, it looks like he’s riding a Fuji, or maybe a Univega. But that would be impossible, no? Why am I interested in bikes and culture? Because I think that the bicycle ushered in the modern, technical, industrial age. Two anecdotes. David… Continue Reading “The Bicycle: Crime Destroyer or Freedom Machine?”

FEELING LITERARY: William Gibson and the future of bikes

FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE, I give you a glimpse into the future of bikes and messengering: “Sometimes, when she rode hard, when she could really proj, Chevette got free of everything: the city, her body, even time. That was the messenger’s high, she knew,… Continue Reading “FEELING LITERARY: William Gibson and the future of bikes”


Hot and Fast at Telemark Lodge in Cable, Wisconsin. The snow was a bit warm: 25 F. The trail was very firm: you can use your tiny baskets. The crowd was amped: and who wouldn’t be? Brian and I took a 5 km spin… Continue Reading “IT’S ON: BIRKIE DAY ONE: CITIZEN SPRINTS; OR BRING ON THE HEAT”

Birkie Time!

Well folks, it is now time for the Birkie. Or, in my case, the Korte. If I can’t win–and I can’t–then I will try to score style points this weekend. I might go for Tord’s low-rider-skier look: Or, I might just go for the… Continue Reading “Birkie Time!”

Raw Rib Report #5: A Skier’s Lyric, Plus Some Press-Citizen OPINION Page Love

A Cross-Country Skier’s Lyric My ribs took a beating at Ashton last night, And now they really ain’t right So, give me buckets of ice and beer: ah, true delight. My back is broken and bruised, but don’t worry about me, Lookie here, I… Continue Reading “Raw Rib Report #5: A Skier’s Lyric, Plus Some Press-Citizen OPINION Page Love”