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Simple Porch Customization

Dear readers and newbie customizers, What does it take to make a porch closer to a Porshe? Okay, leaving money aside, the things you need: lights and flowers. I already had the furniture, so that was easy. Here’s the before:   I have to… Continue Reading “Simple Porch Customization”


In Iowa City I could lock my bike with this chain: Or, with these chains: But in Brooklyn, I was told that I had better get something along these lines: Wait. I am getting ahead of myself. Where have I been? Why am I… Continue Reading “LONG BREAK EXPLAINED”

Part IV: The Final Sprint of Sean’s 2009 American Birkebeiner

[note: to read parts 1-3, go to Archives and click on April 2009]   I am not perfect. And I am not dead. I am still skiing.   A sweeping left hand bend and I can finally see the lake. And Lake Hayward is… Continue Reading “Part IV: The Final Sprint of Sean’s 2009 American Birkebeiner”

Part III: Or, the Man in Yellow

Third Installment of My Birkebeiner Experience

Modern Homesickness: History and Meaning Behind the U.S. Housing Meltdown

Structural homesickness is serious and will define our near future.

What Is Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a particular usage of the past to aid in decision-making.