Month: March 2010

FEELING LITERARY: William Gibson and the future of bikes

FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE, I give you a glimpse into the future of bikes and messengering: “Sometimes, when she rode hard, when she could really proj, Chevette got free of everything: the city, her body, even time. That was the messenger’s high, she knew,… Continue Reading “FEELING LITERARY: William Gibson and the future of bikes”

Birkie/Korte 2010: What Went Wrong?

A RECAP OF THE EVENTS OF FEBRUARY 27TH, 2010, NEAR THE TELEMARK LODGE: First, let me hang my head in sadness. I did not win the Korte. Second, let me add that I never promised to win. Third, ’twas a beautiful day: Fourth, I… Continue Reading “Birkie/Korte 2010: What Went Wrong?”