Birkie Time!

Well folks, it is now time for the Birkie.

Or, in my case, the Korte.

If I can’t win–and I can’t–then I will try to score style points this weekend. I might go for Tord’s low-rider-skier look:

Maybe this look helped Tord come in 28th place in the pursuit

Or, I might just go for the low-rider-slider look:

What kind of wax do I use?

Or, if you really want to meld Biker to Skier…and yet take athleticism completely out of the picture….then you might consider this soon-to-be-an-Olympic sport: Motorsnowcling:

Motorsnowclists always recycle their oil and wax

I hope to have fresh stories and pics and vids soon.

Pax and Super Flouro Ski Wax!


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