Prepping For Travel

Seven Notes from the Street Theorist:

1. Do not use the word “freak” or “speed freak” when blogging because you will get spammed out the waazoo by nefarious entities. See previous post for my use of these two terms that I should not have used (again!).

2. I finally finished a group ride in Iowa City! Yes, it was the B ride, but still, I was active, and I felt like I was an actual bike rider. Actual as opposed to theoretical.

3. I am now just about at my fitness peak …and so what do I do?  I go take a little vaca and waste it all. So, what’s the point? At least I will not be overtrained when I return.

4. Twitter is easier than blogging. Twitter is like Facebook on crank. Check me out: Or, I should say. Follow me.

5. According to my calender, Ferdi Kubler won the Tour in 1950. Who will win this year?

6. I picked up my tennis racket for the first time since I broke my wrist (on the bike, natch). Tennis is fun and easy. Much easier than riding a bike really fast.

7. No, I am not doing RAGBRAI this year. So I won’t be able to blog it sweetly.

peace. scraps.

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