TRANSITIONS and more of the same

Wassup Readers!….no. that doesn’t sound right.

Hello fellow streeters!…no. Too smarmy.

Sorry for the long silence!…yes, now that is getting more to the point. So why the big hiatus? Vacation for one. Job issues for two. And career issues for three. I realize that job and career are similar, but there is a difference worth theorizing.

You see, a job is something that you do for money, while a career is a job that you do for more money. Got it?

Now, my friends I don’t want to whine. So I won’t. But for a while I was under-utilized by the great academic machinery of this nation. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

And behold. I am now, once again, an entrepeneur!



This is my new logo for my new endeavor. We went online yesterday. Tomorrow is my first day at the office. Yes, I am worried about what to wear, but I will manage the big day with or without my wordsmithing vest. My pocket protector? I cannot do without my pocket protector.

What is Iowa City Wordsmiths?  We offer writing, editing, proofreading, and tutoring services in Iowa City, Iowa– and around the world. Check it out for yourself at my brand new website designed with grace and style by Brown Wing Studio



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