What Happened to My Blog? Well, for Starters, I Crashed!

Well folks,

It looks like I will be taking up a new sport. Why? Because I crashed. I hit the pavement. I wadded it up. I bit the dust. I wrecked. I took a nose dive. I crumpled the paper. I wiped out. I failed, epically.

What happened?

On June 25th of 2011, I was in a local race at Floyd Bennett Field in Coney Island in the fair borough of Brooklyn. 80 racers in a Cat. 4 race. Three laps to go, I went off the front for a while, parce-que I had some excess energy that I needed to donate to the road. Last lap, I felt good, was riding about 25th wheel when two guys tried to tune my front wheel with their handlebars. Basically, I was taken out. I was choiceless in the matter. It’s not like I had to swerve to avoid them. They dove into my front wheel. I went ass-over-teakettle. About 8 guys went down. I had the worst of it.

How did I know that I got the worst of it? Because some guy said, “Oh, shit, look at that dude!” I turned around and nobody was behind me. I was that dude. I could see my left shoulder in a place that was not good. Not good at all.

Here’s what my shoulder looked like few weeks later:

It’s all about the lump

Here’s what a close-up looks like:

Who needs a tattoo when you have lumps to prove your aggressiveness

Here’s what the x-ray revealed: An AC separation. No, it was not dislocated (nice try amateur orthopedic surgeons!). No, it was not broken, you part-time physical therapists.


What you are looking at is a Category 2–out of 5 categories– (I always wanted to be a Cat. 2 rider!) AC separation. That stands for Acromioclavicular Joint Separation.

AC Joint Separation Factoid

A close friend said that frozen wet diapers work really well on sore shoulders:

Non-standard princess-diaper application

She was right, but the embarrassment factor does come into play.


Next up:

Scraps tries to run (again, after a 20 year 29 year hiatus) with not much success.

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