Getting a New Look for an Old Site. Put Another Way, I’m Customizing.

Hello all. I’m trying out some new ideas and new skins for my site so that it will be easier for me to post roller ski and training clips. Let’s see how it goes. First, I had a really great cross country ski season last year (it was 2018 but it was not this winter, if that makes sense). I did about 4 races and my best race happened when it mattered most: at the Korte in Hayward, Wisconsin–part of Birkie weekend. This 30km race was really hard and really great for my confidence and my hopes to improve on technique and fitness.
Podium in the Korte, 2018
Podium in the Korte, 2018
Not all the races went this well. And as soon as I have a few minutes, I will supply a race report. Cheers, Sean

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