I have decided to downgrade my attempt this year to the Korte (25 km). The rib is better, but not better enough to take my sweet revenge upon the whole chimichanga.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t whip up a fury of ski-skizzle on the Korte’s wuu-whizzle. Some fans have inquired about the exact position of my rib “event”. So, in case there are any physicians in the house, here is a technical drawing that I made of an imaginary X-Ray of me skate skiing with my glasses and my hat on.

I'm not smiling here. Skeleton's don't have lips!

Okay readers, here’s the dealio: if I come in the top 50% of my age category for this year’s Korteloppet, this is the trophy that you must buy for me:

This trophy is both impressive and frightening, no?

And how ’bout those Olympics! The opening ceremonies? Who won that contest? Clearly the fiddlers!


Below is the image of the 2010 Olympic fiddlers.

I'll bet Lady Gaga is jealous of this act!

Can you get any tougher than this guy?

"One fiddle, slung waaay down low... a one way ticket...only one way to go."

I use-ta play the viola, but I never thought it was cool to play with horse hair oozing all around me. Fashion, just like artistic taste and the sporting life, is not a mystery easily solved.

OLYMPIC MOMENT: We must face it. NBC will not show more nordic skiing events unless the skiers wear transparent racing suits. I guess the lycra is not revealing enough. But all that said, let’s try to see which media outlet can help us the most. I rather like this minute-by-minute site called: More Than The Games. It reminds me of the live play-by-play at cyclingnews.com.

TRAINING UPDATE:  Yesterday I did three laps at Ashton, felt okay, but not great. I think I went a bit too fast (4 min per km.) at that rate I doubt I would win my trophy. But I ain’t ready to quit.

More Tomorrow,


WAIT…..THIS JUST IN. My friend Finn just finished the Mora Vassaloppet. Here’s his brief report: “Skiing is a contact sport. Two crashes, nailed the wax, cooked at 30 k, was 49th.”

Way to go Finn!

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