Part II: My Very Last Century, Ever. Until Next Time.

Does anybody want to buy a used Lemond Victoire, 53 cm? That was how I felt in Tipton. I turned and burned back home. Screw this, I thought. But, with the wind at my back, I felt quite a bit better.

In fact, by the time I approached Cedar Bluff, I decided to add some miles. So, I rode north, about 7 miles, to Mechanicsville.


The Mechanicsville Water Tower
The Mechanicsville Water Tower


After a fine burger and fries at Looney’s Cafe. I headed 7 miles back south. Then, I decided to head toward West Liberty since I was feeling fleet. I nearly made it to West Lib, but I decided to stop just after the Cedar River (nice hill) and retrace my route. That added another 14. The Mechanicsville was a pop for 14. So, hey, I was up nearly to 80. Maybe I could pull this off. Not elegant, but not shabby. Well, maybe a little shabby.

On the way back through Morse, I stopped to check out some awesome poppies.


The poppies are lovely dark and deep and I have miles to go before I sleep.
The poppies are lovely dark and deep and I have miles to go before I sleep.



With the wind at my back, the food hitting my legs, on well-known roads, I felt darn fine. I even think that the RWBBs were taking a break from attacking my skull and trying to kill me forever and all time.

When I returned back into Iowa City. I was wondering how many miles I had. Maybe near 100? I decided not to look until I picked a victory station.

So, I rolled into the gleaming, new 30th Century Bicycle Shop, cause they are nice and they might bless my effort with cheer and good vibes. I was dismayed that I had only reached 92 miles. Steve and Cody, the owners of said bike shop said that I had achieved a near century and they were proud, in a parental sort of way. They patted my back with a slight frown. What they wanted to say was: “Hit it Scraps, finish the damn thing you lazy bum.” What they actually said was: “Well go on down Sand Road for a couple and then we’ll meet you at the Bread Garden for a victory beer.”

Sheesh! Such tough love. So, after a quick macchiatto, I hopped back on the bike. Actually, I did not hop as I was fairly sore. Anyhoo, I felt great during the last 8 miles. And I made it to the BG on time. And Steve and Brian were waiting for me. I was not much fun to talk to though.


"And is this the upshot of your experiments, Doctor–--  ?"
"And is this the upshot of your experiments, Doctor–-- ?"



Not bad for a Saturday by my lonesome. I got some good reflection time in, and I didn’t get killed by any RWBBs. Even though I thought about it…often.

Total Miles: 102

Total Time: All Day



ps. It might help to read some corroborating reportage and pictures of my exploits on the 30th Century Bicycle Shop Website on a post titled “File Pile.” I agree that what I did was a SEANRV, and not a MyToSEI. Thanks Steve.

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