Sold My Hockey Gear; Or, What New Sport Should I Take Up?

Today I went to Play It Again Sports in Iowa City and sold my hockey gear, except for my skates (CCM) which still fit. I haven’t played for about 6 years. Usta play lots. Played since I was 11. Played in Sapporo, Japan. Played in grad school.

But I couldn’t play two dangerous sports at the same time, said someone very close to me–and someone smarter than me.

So, I sold $500 worth of gear and got $30. Not bad. Does anybody have a similar story?

Did I tell you the time I played hockey in Sapporo, Japan? Bottom of the barrel Jofa skates set me back $900. Ah, that is a story for another day.

The point is. I started the sport of nordic skiing too late! And I have to make up for lost time. And one way to do so is by clearing out the garage and getting ready for more gear. That will make me faster in itself.

Later Chiefs.

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